Forklift Africa can help you keep your equipment at peak performance. In the event of an unexpected breakdown you can be sure that we will respond quickly and efficiently.

Our Services

We can handle:

  • Servicing
  • Rebuilds
  • Repairs

To Electric / Diesel / Petrol / LP Gas powered forklifts, reach stackers, empty container handlers, large capacity handlers(Up to 55t).

Benefits to our Customers

  • Trained technicians
  • Field service vehicles to attend to any machine failure
  • Quick response time

All repairs to forklifts are handled by ourselves. If the forklift fails to operate, you don't necessarily know whether it's a battery, mechanical or hydraulic problem. This can waste crucial time. All you do is call Forklift Africa and we will handle the rest.

Tips on keeping your Forklift in good working order

Like any piece of equipment, forklifts need to be serviced regularly. Depending on the usage of the forklift, a service plan must be put in place to ensure that the forklift is in good operating condition and, most of all, it is safe to use.

Safety plays a large role in having a forklift operate in your workplace. If the forklift is inspected and serviced regularly, the event of an accident is reduced dramatically. Things like brakes, oil leaks and warning lights must be checked on a monthly basis.

Forklift Africa can customise a monthly inspection plan as well as a service plan for the year.